zerogloss showroom

Zerogloss showroom is a venue for contemporary design and features a selection of furniture, lighting and homeware of international brands as well as our own collections. With a large hall, high ceilings and pervasive natural light, the showroom is the perfect setting to host our idea of decoration, a mix between reclaimed traditions and contemporary furniture.

We exclusively choose pieces of high quality and consistent aesthetic, whether from well-known manufacturers or emerging designers.

zerogloss showroom

We work with private clients on residential and small-scale interiors, and we collaborate with architects and professionals to specify furnishing solutions for a variety of commercial projects including work spaces, hospitality and retail. We work on an ongoing basis with Muuto, &Tradition, String, Richard Lampert, Ferm Living, Hasami, PWtbS, Normann Copenhagen and more.

zerogloss showroom
zerogloss showroom

Orari di apertura

Lo showroom è aperto al pubblico negli orari indicati o su appuntamento.
Per discutere di un nuovo progetto, per approfondire collezioni e finiture, e per ricevere un’assistenza dedicata, consigliamo di fissare un appuntamento chiamando o scrivendo ai nostri contatti.

Lunedì, Martedì, Mercoledì, Sabato: su appuntamento
Giovedì, Venerdì: 10.00 – 12.30 / 15.00 – 19.00

Opening hours

The showroom is open at specific times for walk-in customers or by appointment.
We recommend booking an appointment to discuss a new project and to receive an extensive support on collections and finishes.

Monday – Wednesday / Saturday: by appointment
Thursday, Friday: 10am – 12.30pm / 3pm – 7pm