The Kitchen

We strive to create a design rooted in simplicity, clarity and functionality. We seek inspiration from urban and raw materials and we add subtle interventions to shape a Kitchen that takes center stage in the function of daily life but unveils its nomadic spirit.

foto cucina Zerogloss k255

The collection

Zerogloss Kitchen is a series of steel-based kitchen units and columns that combine an easy-to-assemble construction system with an understated, yet refined aesthetic, inspired by a sense of simple living, both in style and functionality. The result is a practical kitchen with a distinctive identity.

The collection includes a three and four module kitchen units, each available with or without dishwasher, and one and two-module column units that can be arranged in different configurations with drawers, cabinets and appliances, providing several setting possibilities for cooking, washing and storing. The kitchens are free-standing and can be placed along a wall or as an island.


The steel structure frames drawers and cabinets in natural or lacquered oak and outlines a confident volume where the different materials, placed side by side, create a unique relationship of detailed minimalism and carry an impression of sobriety and closeness. The continuity of the front frame and the absence of visible screws give to the piece a strong and tailored profile while the assembly system assures an efficient and responsible use of resources with minimal material waste and flat packaging.

 The kitchen is available in a palette of deep, matte colours and in combination with worktops in natural oak or porcelain stoneware.


A three-module unit with an asymmetrical frame that highlights the character of a compact kitchen equipped with the essentials.

K192 w. dishwasher

A kitchen with an intimate look, gathering functions in a small space, plus the capacity of the fully integrated dishwasher.


A four-module kitchen that creates an elegantly understated volume of organic simplicity and provides several worktop configurations.

K255 w. dishwasher

Equally dedicated to washing and cooking, a practical kitchen unit that carries a close, human and familiar approach, with an appropriate space for working and storing.


The column unit completes the series with storage solutions and multifunctional features that enhance the comfort and give to the kitchen an engaging appeal.

The system

We made it simple to assemble and disassemble to potentially replace a worn-out piece or move the entire kitchen in a new house and to allow an effective separation and recycling of each part at the end of its lifespan.

The kitchen is based on a manufacturing and assembly system that minimizes the use of materials. Two steel frames, one front and one back, are connected through a series of brackets with a double function of structural fastening and support of storage elements and appliances. At the same time, the continuity of the front frame and the absence of visible screws give to the piece a strong and tailored profile.

Using only steel fixings for every component, the system avoids the use of chipboard inner structures. With minimal waste of materials and flat-packaging, we assure that resources and transport are used efficiently and responsibly.

Reversible design,
our approach to sustainability

Our commitment to quality and longevity of the products is the core of a socially conscious choice that refuses mass consumption in favor of sustainable solutions.

Since our inception, we have tried to keep an attitude of respect for the environment and community, containing, wherever possible, the effects of our actions. We strongly believe that focusing on limited series of thoughtfully crafted models and minimal palettes of reusable materials, thinking about smaller spaces and transportable structures, should be at the heart of a responsible design process, even for a complex system such as a kitchen.

This approach leads to consider not only the sustainability of production, but also the impact on the environment at the time of dismantling. The system of our kitchens, while assuring a longlasting use through the high resistance of the steel structure and the possibility to relocate the product, represents the pursuit of a reversible design, where materials are easily disassembled and endlessly reused.